Intensive cooperation with three universities

Solliance works closely with TU Eindhoven, TU Delft and the University of Hasselt. Research resulting from our Shared Research Programmes is widely performed at these universities. Each of the three has its own specific area of expertise:

  • For years, TU Delft has been an expert in the field of solar cell technology and the associated physics. Research in this area can contribute to an increase of the energy output of the cells.
  • TU Eindhoven has built up years of expertise in the field of materials research and deposition technologies for thin film PV. Together with Solliance, TU Eindhoven does a lot of research into ALD deposition technology. In addition, the university is investigating what happens in the solar cell itself and how that process can be influenced.
  • The University of Hasselt is particularly knowledgeable in the field of stability testing: what can go wrong at the atomic level and how can we influence that?

Part of the worldwide solar network

Solliance is an active part of the solar industry, a network of companies and research institutions engaged worldwide in the development and production of solar panels. We present lectures at relevant global conferences and publish in various scientific journals. Also at national and European level, we are working on our reputation by maintaining contacts with universities and publishing interesting research results.

Work placement or doctoral research?

Interested in research on thin-film PV technology? Solliance offers plenty of opportunities for internships for master’s students. Doctoral research in close cooperation with a university is also possible. Check here for actual update on open vacancies.

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