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The challenge

How can you stand out as a manufacturer of PV modules? One way is to add economic value to glass solar panels. The market demands panels that differ in colour or size, or panels that yield significantly more than current types. Another option is to replace glass with foil, which makes it possible to integrate solar cells into existing products. The possible applications are legion. The challenge is to develop rapid and low-cost manufacturing processes for all of this.

The solution

Solliance works with companies in the area on creating economically viable production processes and systems for the latest generation of solar panels. We do this by investing together in research & development. Our research focuses, among other things, on:

  • Longer service life
  • Higher energy yield
  • Lower production costs
  • Reducing toxicity
  • Producing non-standard colours and sizes

Ronn Andriessen

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The Results

Coloured modules

Traditional solar panels are black or blue for a good reason. These colours provide the best energy yield. Technologically, it is possible to manufacture solar panels in all kinds of other colours, without too much loss of efficiency. This is done by applying a coating that reflects one colour from the spectrum and allows the rest to pass through. Solliance is working on further improving the deposition process needed to produce coloured panels. 

Harmen Rooms

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Tandem cell PSC/Si

How can you still improve the yield of traditional c-Si panels? One way is to provide them with a thin layer of super-efficient perovskite solar cells. The thin layer yields almost as much as the c-Si panels. The beauty is also that both materials absorb two different parts of the light spectrum, increasing the yield of the whole. The research into this tandem technology focuses mainly on two aspects:

  • How can we best protect the layer of perovskite?
  • How can we quickly and accurately deposit layers?

Sjoerd Veenstra

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Solliance developed a production system for flexible solar panels in which layers are deposited in a very innovative way, via ‘Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition’ (SALD). This deposition process can be applied both roll-to-roll (on the roll) or sheet-to-sheet (per product). By applying layers with the aid of SALD, PV material can be produced that performs excellently, is highly light permeable and is relatively inexpensive. This is partly the result of optimal use of materials by the SALD technology. We believe that this technology can form the basis for numerous applications.

Paul Poodt

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