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The mission of Solliance is to create jobs. The research institute does this by continuously developing the latest PV technologies and making them available to companies. Solliance wants to connect the worlds of science and business in order to create a sustainable energy system. In this way, we are contributing to the climate goals set for 2020.


Thin-film solar cells are the future. We are committed to further development and application of this technology. This will allow Europe to strengthen its economic position in relation to other regions.

Solliance translates what has already been proven academically into high-tech production methods. We do this together with the business community, in Shared Research Programmes. The goal is to together develop production processes and systems until they can be scaled up to an economically viable level.

In concrete terms, Solliance contributes to the value chain of companies by developing high tech machinery and high quality PV material for panels and semi-finished products.

Huib van den Heuvel

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Exhibition SolarSquare

Technology meets design! In order to develop new applications for thin-film solar cell applications, Solliance has asked three design studios to reflect on innovative applications of this solar film. Studio Tour, Studio Bas Sala and VANTOT are selected for the...

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Design with thin-film technology for a park in Eindhoven

Solar Square Challenge candidates pitch their ideas Three design studios devised how to apply thin-film solar panels in the future park in the Emmasingel kwadrant in Eindhoven. Solliance made a flexible solar panel available and provided expert advice. On 11 October,...

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