Energy sector

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The challenge

Power generation no longer happens only in power stations. These days, many households already produce their own solar power. Thanks to thin-film PV technology, homes will start producing more electricity than they consume. Thanks to SolaRoad, roads will start producing electricity. We are moving from centralised to decentralised power generation. But who will sell and distribute this locally generated power? How can you benefit from these future developments?

The solution

Solliance always keeps abreast of the latest solar panel applications. Like no other, we know the potential of thin-film PV technology. We know what is economically feasible and in what time frame. If you don’t want to waste the potential offered by solar energy and wish to respond in a timely manner to the latest developments in the field of solar power production and distribution, we are the ideal partner to advise you!

Huib van den Heuvel

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